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DIY Halloween Looks

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We are only a week away from Halloween, and if you haven't found your costume yet, you're in luck! We are putting together 6 easy DIY costumes to throw together last minute! If you have any of these shoes, add some clothing pieces, and you're good to go.

DIY costume 1: Preppy School Girl

This outfit is so easy to put together that it took us under 5 minutes! By know, you probably know we're obsessed with the Sidda loafer because everyone has this shoe in our office. Add a collared shirt and sweater and a cute skirt to this preppy loafer for school girl perfection. For a casual look, pair with Sidda loafer, and for a preppy look, pair with Brae Kitten Heel.

BONUS: if you have a cute pair of glasses and a purse.


DIY Costume 2: Audrey Hepburn

Is this not the classic costume of every girls dreams? We could not ask for a more perfect look, and the heels we paired with this are no exception. Belvie or Braxlie. Take your pick of heel perfection. To create this classy outfit, find a black dress, pearl necklace and black gloves, and your outfit is complete!

BONUS: If you have sunglasses and a stick for your hands. 

These heels complete this outfit to a tee. The first is an open toe satin heel with a sparkly ankle wrap that ties in a bow behind the ankle. (Super Audrey) or the other is a pointed toe mesh heel with pearl accents. This shoe can complement your necklace in a beautiful way. Take your pick, and Audrey will be proud this Halloween. 


DIY Costume 3: Wendy

Growing up and watching Peter Pan, we all loved Wendy. Wendy is the sweetest girl who we all wanted to be when we grow up. Now you have the chance with an incredibly easy outfit! Pick out a blue dress and sunhat, and that's it! If you don't have a sunhat, feel free to take ribbon and tie it in your hair!

Now go find your Peter Pan and twirl around in this beauty of a costume on Halloween. You can pair this outfit with almost any flat you have! As women, we all have at least one flat in our closet. Our favorites are the Nava flat (in white) and the Viki flat. The scallops are darling on Nava which makes it one of our favorites, and the metallic color of Viki stands out in a beautiful way!


DIY Costume 4: French Bread

Enough said. How cute is this easy French Bread outfit! All you need is a pair of black jeans, striped top, and a red banana/neck scarf. This is so simple, and you probably wear most of these things on a daily basis. We have paired this outfit with a few different black shoes to give you a few different ideas, but any black shoe will work perfect! 

We paired this outfit with the Tulsa bootie, Idah bootie, and the Giddie wedge. 

BONUS: If you actually carry around a loaf of bread. (It'll complete the costume)

Envision you're a girl roaming around in Paris. Embody the costume and you'll look fabulous!


DIY Costume 5: Mime

Easy costume with minimal makeup can transform you into a Mime this Halloween. It's very similar to the French Bread costume, but we made a few tweaks. You can keep the same stripe shirt, but we wanted blacker bottoms, so we switched it up to leggings! We added some suspenders and did a little makeup and it's that easy. 

Pointed toe flats really complete the quirky look to this mime costume, so we went with the Kismit flat. It is a pointed toe flat with a metallic portion on the front. Clever and quirky and will work great with this costume. 

Now, just don't say a word the whole night! Act away!


DIY Costume 6: Cat

If you need a last minute costume, a Cat is always a go-to favorite. Throw on a black long sleeve with some black leggings and you're practically set. Paint your nose a little black, and you'll look like a cat. 

BONUS: If you have a choker necklace and some cat ears. You can make these ears (like we did) or buy a set at a Halloween store! 

The cutest flats that we've paired with this costume are the Marta flat. It is an everyday flat with a darling bow. You'll look dainty and darling in your cat costume this Halloween night. 

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