Our story comes from the old cobblestone streets of France. We are a new and emerging company in the eCommerce world that wants to give you the latest fashion in all things shoes. We are here to answer any questions you have about shoe fashion and trends. We design our very own styles, and we take pride in creating beautiful, intricate designs. The joy comes when we see our customers looking fabulous in our designs. We start from scratch, and we get our inspiration from our very own Bella. 
Bella is from Paris, and she LOVES fashion. How can you not when you live in France? She has sought after every brand she loves, and she has found those select few brands that she adores and wants to create her own vision. She brought these designer details over to the United States for you to enjoy, made by us! She is romantic, girl, flirty and loves all things vintage.
Bella Cora brings you coveted boots, pumps and a wide variety of shoes that radiate gorgeous style for every occasion. Each pair of shoes highlights unique details and embellishment that cultivates the very essence of simple beauty. By combining a clean design with cutting edge style, we create looks that fully expresses your unique style.
Love it. Wear it. 
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